2021-2023 Standing Committees and Chairmen

Community of Delta Retiree Organizations
LaVonne Lindquist

Kathy Roper

Event Decorations
Ann D'Agostino
Greeting, Check-In & Name Tags
Stacy Martin

Sherry Scarborough


In Honor Of... / In Memory Of...
Sandy Chinn
Military Lounge
Cathy Davis Hall
Past Presidents Council
Ann Chapman
Pause for a Moment
Janice Barfield
Evelyn Curtis
Bettie Asip
Anne Johnston
Judy Boyce
Social Media
Libbe Castle
Carol Ellington
Under Our Wings
CURE Childhood Cancer






Atlanta Humane Society - American Heroes Adoption Program
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Kathy Larkin
  Kathryn Wilson
Marti Wilson
Alice Ramsey