The Culture of DCW Members

Our culture is reflected in the following poem

"The Stewardess Creed"
by Alice Farley

(a former Eastern Stewardess)

IF you who enter here have come sincerely and know exactly where your interest lies, have tired of office job, or school, or nursing ... yet thrilled to the flash of silver in the skies;
IF you have longed to see our nation's beauty not limited to east or western shore, can love all people, knowing each can teach you and make you bigger than you were before;
IF you have learned to sympathize with sorrow, open your heart to everyone you greet ... and if you honestly respect the culture of any creed or color you may meet;
IF you have patience born of understanding and pride not lessened though the task be small;
IF you can gain the joy from helping others and have the will to give this job your all;
IF you have loyalty unswayed by cynics, put kindness far above your own demands, can realize all aviation's problems, but aid the vision of its future plans ...
THEN you will know the miracle of flying, the comradeship, the progress and what's more ... you'll feel the very pulse beat of our country.

Welcome to the Stewardess Corps.